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Jenny Weaver is a wife and homeschool mother, she believes in building families and communities in the Kingdom of God. She is best known for "Singing the Scriptures", live each week on her Facebook page.  Hundreds of thousands of people view each week from all over the world and share their testimonies of how their lives have changed since watching Jenny sing the scriptures. 

Once a homeless drug addict, self-cutting Wiccan, Jenny is now a true Worshipper and Lover of God. Transformed by His renewing power, Jenny's heart is to lead people into an Encounter with the Holy Spirit that will transform them as well. 


Her inspirational testimony was picked up by Sid Roth on "It's Supernatural" and aired in 2019. She also released her 1st book titled 'The Sound of Freedom' with Destiny Image Publishing Company soon.


"I am amazed at the hand of God on my life." -Jenny Weaver 

"The key to success is not chasing after IT, it's chasing after HIM!"

​that Worship led in spirit and in truth with a pure heart and no limitations, ushers in God's Glory, which invades the earth! It is my desire to lead Prophetic and Spontaneous High Praise Worship that releases the song of Heaven into the Hearts of man!





9 years of drug addiction and crime nearly killed me but I’m here today sharing the gospel of the good news!! I wrote about my life in my book “The Sound of Freedom” In it, you'll find both the disturbing details of my life and the deliverance in how God literally ripped me out of that life and gave me a new one!!! 

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